Large Database Technology (Fall 2016)

Instructor Lei Deng
Location: Rm.404, No.2 Comprehensive Laboratory Building
Office hour: 9:00-17:00
Teaching assistants Cheng Zeng
Prerequisites JAVA/C++ Programming
Data Structures
Database Basics
Texts and readings Oracle PL/SQL Programming: Covers Versions Through Oracle Database 11g Release 2, Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl
Oracle PL/SQL从入门到精通
数据库技术丛书:高并发Oracle数据库系统的架构与设计 [High Concurrency Oracle Database System Architecture and Design]
Additional materials will be provided as handouts or in the form of light technical papers.
Grading Homework/Participation/Presentation/Experiment 30%, Final Exam 70%
Policies You are encouraged to discuss your homework assignments with your classmates; however, any code you submit must be your own work. You may not share code with others or copy code from outside sources, except where the assignment specifically allows it. Plagiarism can have serious consequences
Schedule Below is the tentative schedule for the course:

Date Topic Reading/Experiment materials Homework
Week 11 Thursday Introduction & Course overview
  • A Comparative Study on the Performance of the Top DBMS Systems
    Week 11 Friday
    move to Week 15 Thursday
    Week 12 Thursday Oracle & PL/SQL Introduction & Management
    slide 2-1, slide 2-2
    Oracle 11g install manual (linux & silent)  
    Week 12 Friday PL/SQL Conditional Controls & Iterative Controls
    slide 3-1
    Week 13 Thursday PL/SQL Cursors & Exceptions
    slide 4-1
    Week 13 Friday PL/SQL Procedures & Functions & Triggers
    slide 4-2, slide 4-3
    Week 14 Thursday High Performance Indexing
    slide 5-1
    Week 14 Friday High Performance In-memory Database
    Week 15 Wednesday (5-8) Experiment 1
      Experiment Manual  
    Week 15 Thursday Distributed Database & Database Clustering
    Development of Ali Database
     DRDS Video  
    Week 16 Wednesday (5-8) Experiment 2
    Week 17 Wednesday (5-8) Experiment 3
    Week 18 Thursday Future Development & Answer Questions
    Week 18 Friday Final Examination